The wearables market grew by nearly 30 percent during 2018 Leave a comment

Smartwatches have gained quite a bit of traction since their earliest versions popped up on the market.

The industry has had its ups and downs, but the wearables we have now are smarter, faster, and more powerful than they’ve ever been before – Apple’s latest Watch even has electrocardiogram functionality.

As you might imagine, the better wearables get, the better they sell. Indeed, the International Data Corporation (IDC) says the industry grew by a whopping 31.4 percent during Q4 2018, having shipped over 59.3 million units during the holiday season.

When expanded to cover the entire year, the growth percentage drops to 27.5 percent, while unit shipments increase to 172.2 million.

To break things down, smartwatch shipments in particular grew by 54.3 percent during 2018, making up roughly 30 percent of all wearable shipments.

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